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Nearly 650,000 people are released from
state and federal prison yearly and far
greater numbers reenter from local jails.
Each of them needs a job.

Jobview 2nd Chance can help shorten the time it takes                     
to find a job.   

Image: Inmate searches for a job using secure Jobview kiosk
Jobview 2nd Chance is an ATM-like kiosk that allows people returning to the community from prisons and jails to search for local and nationwide jobs without direct access to the internet. Kiosks can be located in correctional facilities, reentry housing or other locations that are accessible by targeted users. Jobview 2nd Chance kiosks are “prison-ready” because the user does not have access to a keyboard or to the internet. Jobs can only be searched using a touch screen user interface which controls and limits what the user can see and do. Job descriptions, along with job application requirements and instructions, can be printed directly from the kiosk to assist the user with later follow-up. Detailed reports are provided to designated correctional staff that help track and measure the success of user activity.

About the kiosk

Using an intuitive, ATM-like touch screen interface, job-seekers have access to thousands of local, regional and national jobs that are updated daily. The job-seeker can quickly browse these jobs using their fingertip and receive a complete description of each selected job from the built-in printer. If the job-seeker is interested in applying for a job, Jobview provides on-screen and printed instructions to help them contact the employer. This information is also made available to correctional staff to help measure job-seeker success and to contact the employers to determine if the job-seeker was actually hired.

Correctional Facility Benefits Inmate Benefits
  • No job-seeker training costs because the kiosk is
  • Staff no longer needs to find and print job listings
        for their job-seekers
  • Job listings for all types of jobs and levels of
        experience in cities nationwide
  • Complete usage metrics to monitor success
  • Turnkey service; Jobview takes care of everything
  • No long-term contracts; annual renewal option
  • Get a 30-60 day head start on a job search
  • Browse nationwide jobs that are current and updated
        nightly without accessing the internet
  • Start thinking about jobs before release; putting their
        mind on something positive and productive
  • See what skills and specific requirements they will
        face well ahead of release
  • Match prison programs they are using to the types
        of jobs they may be qualified for and will likely
  • Practice electronic job searching which is technology
        they will commonly see upon release
  • Job listings of interest can be printed and used for
        reference after a kiosk session
Jobview 2nd Chance kiosks are available for a monthly service fee.