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Receive monthly reports to help measure the success of your job services
- Job Search Activity Summary
- Job views by Job Category
- Activity by Employer
- Jobseekers by Zip Code

Receive weekly reports to track jobseekers activity
- Weekly Jobseekers Activity

What people are saying about Jobview Self-Employment Kiosks…

“I like it because I can print out just the announcement of the job I want to apply for and stick it in my wallet…”

“…it’s helpful to have this format. It’s much easier than having to search through the paper…”

“A customer, while waiting for an interview within our Center, started using the Jobview service. During that time he found and printed out 13 job listings. After his interview he was able to call a few of the leads which resulted in three additional interviews that week.”
Workforce Center Resource Room Coordinator

“I am continually amazed by the number…that I see accessing the Jobview kiosk! That resource has been one of the best additions to this Library’s services… The reports are extremely useful.”
Haltom City Public Library

“The Jobview kiosk has proven to be a trouble-free resource for jobseekers who use our library.”
Richardson (TX) Public Library

“I am amazed at how often the kiosk is used. And I am also a little surprised at the range of people who use it – anywhere from young people to the very mature!
Arlington (TX) Public Library

“Too bad all recruiting tools cannot duplicate the convenience and attractiveness of Jobview…The ease of use, attractive graphics, company profiles and current job listings are irresistible. Monthly reporting is exceptional. Service from Jobview is prompt and courteous.”
Collin County Community College District

“It draws students like a magnet! Students have spoken highly of it and really like the convenience of it being on campus…It has helped us in promoting our center and our special events such as Career Week and job fairs. We are very pleased with Jobview.”
Eastfield College